Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not The End, Just The Beginning

I always thought blogging was kind of girly!! Then I reached this point where my mind was filled with thousands of thoughts but I didn't know how to express them. With my current position and things I was striving for in life, I found myself with a lot of long nights, deep thoughts. I had recently been hearing from multiple people that I needed to journal everything down, that way I had a record of all my thoughts and it could potentially turn into one of those "good stories."
I've always wanted to be strong with my words. Our words have the power of life and death! Whether that be through verbal or written, I knew that I wanted my words to have an impact on the lives of others. That's when a great opportunity presented itself in the form of blogging. It forced me to write but at the same time allowed for me to really be intentional with my thoughts and what I was putting out for the world to see. I wanted it to be an expression of who I am and what I represent. I wanted my story to help someone along the way. As resourceful as our media outlets are, I knew that this was just the beginning of one of the ways I wanted to imprint the world.
I've loved every minute of blogging. It's allowed for me to become an artist in my own way. I plan to continue with THE - DASH for my personal benefit and hopefully to the benefit of others. Expressing my thoughts and really labeling them has helped me organize time frames and memories. I hope and pray that I can communicate in the appropriate manner to captivate an audience and influence them with words!

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