Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Journey And The Transformation

We all embark on our own individual journeys.
Most are reaching and striving for an ultimate destination. For some, it's a chaotic feeling and the only thing that matters is the finish line. People become wrapped and swarmed with the destination that they barely recognize moments along the journey.
Defining moments at that...

I got the opportunity to sit and listen to a man whose story impacted a world. His words were like dollar bills, wanting to grab as many as possible for myself. Then, Mr. Russell Goings made a statement, an incomplete statement at that but it sparked a world wind of thoughts in my mind.
The journey and the transformation...
I began to think about my own journey and what transformations had already come. It's a hard concept to believe. I feel that change doesn't necessarily happen unless I reach the end goal. I strive to accomplish big things and never settle for ordinary but it's probably the hardest character trait that I have about myself.
Because it's not easy, in fact it's down right aggravating to be honest. When you have a vision or idea for your life and you want to see it through but certain aspects on the surface are not tangible, it makes you doubt. Doubt ruins the process and if your not strong enough to push through then doubt will ultimately destroy your goal.
There are highs and lows of every story. As I sat and listened to Mr. Goings I saw how his process brought transformation. It wasn't about his destination but had everything to do with his journey, process, and lessons learned while waiting that transformed him.
The real glory is in what's learned along the way!
That beginning vision is impacted by not only the moment but the past rushing into the future. Mr Goings said something profound yet simple. "You have to get naked, that's the step between remarkably good and GREAT!"
The process of the journey is beautiful. It's unclothed, raw but you must be receptive of it in order to be able to know who you are.
I'm still on this journey and who knows when I'll reach that ultimate destination. However, I'm daily trying to remind myself that it's not about the destination but the process along this journey that's important. We're more alive as people when we bring stuff to the moments. But if we fail to realize these things we could miss out on something so profound, beautiful, and transforming. We could fail to realize what changes have been made in us along the journey and not fully know who we are as a person. That would be a tragedy! Being transformed along your journey is an extraordinary thing, a thing that we need to be receptive to seeing.

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